Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Presidnt and Ecumenical Patriarch host festive reception

President Victor Yushchenko and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I hosted a joint festive reception. The event was arranged at Kyivan Sophia national preserve.

“We are celebrating the 1020th anniversary of Kyivan Rus’ Christianization as a triumph of spirit, as a great day for Christianity and Orthodoxy, as a great day in the life of the European world”, - said Victor Yushchenko greeting the guests.

He also reminded that St. Sophia Cathedral is a symbol of Ukrainian nation’s spiritual power, uniting our people with Mother Church and with all the world.

“I am assured that the visit of Ecumenical Patriarch and all the representatives of Orthodox Churches to Ukraine is the sign from God and his blessing”, - said President Yushchenko thanking also Patriarch Bartholomew I and the representatives of churches for their spiritual support.

In addition President expressed assurance that together with the restored Ukraine, the restored Ukrainian Church would appear as a pillar for its nation and unity of Orthodox spirit.