Tuesday, July 22, 2008

President Yushchenko, Chancellor Merkel hold joint press conference

Following Ukrainian-German talks, President Victor Yushchenko and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held joint press availability.

In his statement President Yushchenko told the media that he is pleased with both today’s talks and overall relations development between Ukraine and Germany.

He informed that sides have discussed many questions important for both countries such as political dialogue, economic and trade cooperation Ukraine’s prospects of signing the new strengthened agreement with the EU, gaining NATO MAP, humanitarian cooperation, etc.

“I am pleased to note that when we are speaking about European integration, Ukraine’s perspectives … today we have a much more positive position and I am assured that the dialogue between Ukraine and Germany, including that on the subject, is very prolific”, - said Victor Yushchenko. He also stressed assurance that in the question of Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration our country and Germany would be able to find compromise as well.

Besides Victor Yushchenko informed that during the talks both sides expressed satisfaction about economic cooperation development. In addition he said that with aim of developing humanitarian cooperation he handed over to Angela Merkel the lists of citizens, who died during the Great Famine of 1932-1933 in eastern villages of Ukraine, which were inhabited by German descendants along with those interned in 1945-1954.

Summarizing his statement President Yushchenko thanked Chancellor Merkel for her visit to Ukraine and for the high levels of relations between Ukraine and Germany.

In her speech the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel stressed that Germany supports Ukraine's European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

She said that the new agreemnt between Ukraine and the EU would mean not only that on deeper cooperation, but on the association. “It is an important step, especially when it comes to economic relations between Ukraine and the EU”, - she said.

Chancellor Merkel also emphasized that Ukraine will join NATO, as it had been clearly stated at the Bucharest Summit. “The fundamental political decision on that question was made in Bucharest. I emphasize again that the third states, which are not members of the alliance, should neither have any influence on the subject, nor dispute or discuss it”, - said Angela Merkel. She also informed that she and Victor Yushchenko agreed to instruct the Foreign Ministers of both countries to elaborate a roadmap of Ukraine’s advance towards NATO membership.

Summarizing her address Chancellor Merkel reassured that Ukraine is an important partner for Germany and promised that her country would continue to follow the development of Ukraine and support our country to the best of ability.