Saturday, July 19, 2008

Participants of meeting at Industrial Policy Ministry discuss Ukraine's possible joining InterOceanMetal joint organization

Director of the InterOceanMetal Ryszard Kotlinski noted the necessity of Ukraine's joining this organization with the aim of carrying out a number of works in the sphere of prospecting and mastering the World Ocean resources during a meeting with specialists of the Industrial Policy Ministry and leading Ukrainian scientific-research establishments that was held with Deputy Minister Serhiy Hryshchenko presiding.

Kotlinski noted that Ukraine can make a substantial contribution both in technologies of prospecting and extraction of minerals and in the sphere of elaboration and production of equipment for this work.

The ministry's representatives noted in their turn that contracts in the designated sphere may be interesting for many enterprises of the machine building branch and the military-industrial complex, as well as for Ukrainian scientific-research establishments having experience of relevant technologies elaboration. The parties took a decision on development of cooperation and possible participation of Ukrainian industrial companies in mastering the World Ocean resources.