Tuesday, April 8, 2008

USD 50 million will be channeled for outer space development in 2008

This year Ukraine will continue launches of outer space vehicles functioning in the systems of communications and remote probing of land for the study of global changes in the nature. UAH 250 million (UAH 5.05 / USD 1) is envisaged for these purposes in the 2008 national budget.

The government decision, the Cabinet of Ministers' communications department commentary says, will guarantee uninterrupted effective use of this country's outer space potential, introduction of new technologies, and implementation of international commitments. The point at issue is that last year marked completion of Ukraine's national outer space program for 2003 - 2007, and a new one, for 2008 - 2012, has not yet been adopted by parliament.

Particularly, there will be formed an interagency information system for the use of aerospace data as part of the European and international systems. Russia - Ukraine experiments will be staged at the Russian segment of the International space system. The Ukraine - Brazil cooperation in the use of the Cyclone-4 carrier rocket will continue at the Alcantara launching site.

A government resolution also stipulates financing of the program for reform of the flagship of Ukraine's outer space industry, production association Southern Machine-Building Plant. Thanks to this, its production volumes must triple on 2007, and power intensity will fall by 20%. Implementation of innovation projects will take almost UAH 0.5 billion of extra-budgetary investments.

Ukraine's space industry includes over 30 companies, design bureau and scientific research institutes taking part in implementation of over 50 business projects.

A total of 103 launches of Ukrainian carrier rockers have been made since 1991, and above 200 satellites from different countries of the world have been taken to the orbit.