Thursday, April 3, 2008

President Bush: we support MAP for Ukraine

Joint press conference of the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and the President of the USA George W. Bush took place after Ukrainian-American talks.

At the press conference President Bush reaffirmed American support towards Ukraine’s ambition to join NATO Membership Action Plan. “In Bucharest this week I will continue to make America’s position clear: we support MAP for Ukraine and Georgia”, - he said.

President Bush characterized Ukraine – NATO relations as a strong partnership reminding that “Ukraine is the only non-NATO nation supporting every NATO mission”. He also drew attention to the fact that Ukraine and NATO share common democratic values. “We also share more than security interest, we share democratic values. Ukraine has demonstrated its commitment to democracy and free markets.” Therefore according to President Bush’s words “helping Ukraine move toward its NATO membership is in the interest of every member in the Alliance. And we’ll help advance security and freedom in this region and around the world”.

Answering the question of a journalist if he thinks that Russia is applying undue pressure and threats to accomplish stopping NATO MAP’s for Ukraine and Georgia, Mr. George Bush said: ”This is an interesting debate that’s taking place and every nation has told me Russia will not have a veto over what happens at Bucharest and I take their word for it; and that’s the right policy to have”. President Yushchenko from his part stressed that when it comes to Ukraine’s course on joining MAC and NATO membership, this policy is not aimed against anybody. “I am assured that we’ve chosen the right strategic path and we act within the limits of national sovereignty”, - he said.

Speaking about Ukraine’s MAP and NATO aspirations President Yushchenko stressed that in his opinion there are no alternatives to the idea of collective security. “We proceed from the position that collective responsibility for security policy is the best response to the challenges existing in society and system of international coordinates”.

He expressed gratitude to the American side for supporting Ukraine in its craving for joining MAP. “I am assured that we will receive positive signal in Bucharest and that we will find proper reasons for those states, which are currently elaborating their position on the subject”, - he added.