Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Opera Mini more popular than Apple Safari in Ukraine

Opera Software develops web browser software application for several platforms including mobile devices. The company has also made available a free mobile application named Opera Mini which works with most java enabled mobile devices to access to the internet.

The product has been a massive hit for the company and is used by millions of users worldwide.

Opera has now stated in a statement that for the first time since the launch, Opera Mini has infiltrated desktop browser rankings in the European nation Ukraine.

Tor Odland, a spokesman for Opera Software said in a statement that as per available statistics, Opera Mini has overtaken Apple Safari desktop browser in the country. The data shows that Opera Mini had a 0.3 percent market share compared to 0.2 percent market share for Apple Safari.

This is however still very small compared to regular desktop browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and of course their Opera for Desktop.

Odland added: “We obviously can’t talk about a worldwide trend yet, but this is hopefully the small beginning for the real mobile Internet.”