Saturday, April 21, 2007

National flag of Ukraine

Many flags, and Ukraine here not exception, represent combinations of color strips. Strips on a flag can be listed from top to down, or from a staff to a free edge. For example, the Ukrainian flag correctly to call "blue-yellow".

Flag of Ukraine is the rectangular panel with a ratio of the sides 2:3 and consisting of two equal strips - dark blue and yellow.

National colors happen from the arms of a medieval princedom of Galicia (a gold lion on a blue field). The first Ukrainian flag has been accepted in 1848; it was yellow-blue horizontal becolour. The Same flag has been accepted by independent Ukraine in January, 1918 Notwithstanding what in XIX century becolour with the top blue strip had wide circulation, officially he has been recognized only since March, 1918 Blue color means the sky, and yellow - wheats - one of the main agricultural crops of Ukraine.