Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cities of Ukraine: Kherson

Kherson has a current population of about 400 000 residents and is situated on the Dnieper river and seaport.

Kherson was founded on June 29, 1778, on the site of former fortification Oleksadrivs’kyi Shanets ruined by the Turks, by Rince Potiomkin. Kherson was named in honour of Chersonesus of Tauris founded by the Geeks in the 5th century before Christ.

Later the town became the center of the Kherson Province and in 1944 it became the capital of the Kherson Region.

Kherson is a city filled with industries, education and culture. Kherson’s main industries are ship-building and mechanical engineering. It is home to some interesting theatres, museums and monuments of architecture, such as the Greek-Sophia Church which was built in 1780, the Gates of the Kherson fortress which was built in the 18th century and the Holy Spirit Churh with the Bell Tower which was built in 1836.

The Kherson Region includes 18 districts, 9 towns, 30 settlements and 677 villages.

Askania-Nova (before 1844 –Chapli) is a resolution of the Chapli district. It was founded in 1822. It now has an Institution of cattle breeding and is home to the museum of flora and fauna of the southern Ukraine. This reserve occupies the area of about 11,100 hectares.

Geniches'k (ormer Yenichi) is a region town and a port on the Sea of Azov. It came into being in 1784 in the locality of extraction of kitchen salt. The name of the town comes from the Turkish "dzheniche".

Gola Prystan' is a district town founded in 1786. It is home to the Balneological resort Hopry.

Kakhovka is a district town, founded in 1791. It was found on the site of the ruined Turkish fortress built in the 16th c. It was named after General Kakhovskyi who was contracted land here and founded a large community of free peasants.

Nyzhni Sirogozy is a district town with a population of over 7,000 inhabitants. It is positioned in the old riverbed where the spring water is conserved in long "sirogozas" (in Turkish -" sira uzun" - a long line).

Skadovs'k (former Dzharylgach) is a district town which was found in 1894 on the lands of the landlord Skadovs'kyi. It is a beautiful resort.